The New Crew

Here is the crew for 2011/12 (in no particular order)

Director – Sue Harrison
Producers – Sharon/ Andy Brunner-Ellis
Assistant Director – Dion McHugh
Sets/Scenery – John Downes and Jenny Metcalf.
Make up – Mary Ann Florey
Props – Paul Fowler
Sound  – Neil Bird
Lighting – Simon Harrison
Treasurer – John Downes
Box office /publicity – Kim Fowler
Poster competition – Lisa Ellet
Front of House – Lisa and her crew
Wardrobe – Liz Downes with Lisa, Andy and Sue
Programme – Naomi Owen

We still need a pianist/musical director so if anyone knows an arm that could get twisted let me know.

Apologies if I have missed any names. I am sure more people will want to be involved than attended the meeting and there are a lot of crew who turn up announced and just work their socks off, especially when it comes to painting the flats and erecting the stage.

About Stargazer

International jet setter, director of the best pantos in Oxfordshire and champion weeder.
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