Well we started at 10.30 and got back home at 7.00pm. Nic and Debbiie and Olly and Tom and Neil and Elaine are total stars in more ways than one and were there for us from the start. Reg is a wonder and worked his lampshade off and Lisa sorted all the wardrobe into her car. I shudder to think what the spare room is like. Janet and Janine just made the make up and mess go away. Savannah and Jasmine were a real help, as was Claire and Dee, who shared our final moments as she steam cleaned the floor.

The hall is now back to normal or to quote Prince Christophe “I don’t suppose things can go back to how they were because they are going to be even better” ie we left the floor cleaner than ever and the place ruthlessly tidy. They also have a free bunch of Lilies.

We worked full on all day and our house and garage are now the store room but we did it! Several trips to the tip and our garage were needed and to Robert’s grain barn and Grennie’s barn.  Thoughts are turning to hiring a storage unit.  Michael popped in to announce record takings on the bar and says they are happy to house or costumes again. So many thanks to Michael and Liz X.

People kept asking me if I was ok. And I was, except for the moment when I took down our last poster from the notice board.  We have such a grand bunch of people now who are so keen and such good friends I am sure we shall soon have another project, even if it is just the DVD showing evening.

I do have some lost property, which is now here. Chris – your stool is under the youth Club table. I think most of the rest is Dion’s. Including his glasses so he is probably not able to read this mail…So if you are missing something give me a ring.

I’m not sure how to answer people who ask about the next one. I am full of enthusiasm and I love to direct. There are good ideas floating around. We have a really fantastic pool of talent now from a cast that have grown in confidence and polish over these three years. What we have less of now is the back up – the people who make it all happen. Making things, marketing, management. The people who turn up at the Tear Down and do the scruffy stuff.  To quote Ma “It’s accountancy that makes the world go round”.

Anyway, that’s for the future. For a now we can bask in the glow of a truly amazing and magical show that genuinely had the public (and judges) alike lost for words except “Marvellous” “Amazing” and “Better than a professional panto”.

The curry delivery is due and the bottle of wine I gave Simon as thanks for his stupendous work as lighting Director is slipping down all too fast. Enjoy your day.

See you all soon.

Sue x

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International jet setter, director of the best pantos in Oxfordshire and champion weeder.
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