Panto 2014/15

This year’s panto kicked off with a production crew meeting at Hollyhock Cottage and we are pleased to announce that we have enough of a crew to go ahead with auditions. We are still in need of a wardrobe mistress (or master) and more people to work on Props. So please do look deep into your souls and consider coming forward or volunteer a friend!

Auditions will start from October 9th onwards at the village hall from 7.30. Junior chorus members can come along to sign up but we will not be rehearsing with the younger ones until December.

Sue is still reading scripts(!) as life has been a bit of a roller-coaster this summer. But we already have one possible script and another that looks very promising in the post. The plan is to do Robin Hood this year. So make sure your legs are tights ready!

About Stargazer

International jet setter, director of the best pantos in Oxfordshire and champion weeder.
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