Northmoor Players Hibernation Update

Is that the first warmth of spring we feel? We have been resting so long some of the cast have had babies and others have left the country.

The remaining members of the Players seem very reluctant to put on another panto without Sue (who is now living in Singapore) so moves are afoot to partner with the newly revived Stanton Harcourt Drama Group. As yet we don’t know if this a going to actually happen but Steve, their new manager/producer/leader or whatever the head of a village panto is called, is full of enthusiasm and drive. And no plans to leave for foreign shores as yet.

If all goes well there may well be a panto in February 2017 to include the best from both villages and perhaps even some reprobates from Standlake.

So time to shake off the moss, scratch, eat some berries and get down to some serious planning.

Details as always available from sue (contact link above)




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