Contacts and Crew

To find out more contact Sue Harrison at:

Crew For Our Most Recent Production

Producer                                                                        Anne Brunner Ellis/Sue Harrison

Director                                                                         Sue Harrison

Assistant Director                                                       Dion McHugh

Stage Manager                                                             Anne Brunner Ellis

Props                                                                              Soraya Woller/Will Austin/Lucy Heath

Music Director                                                             Mike Moran/Dion McHugh

Lighting Design                                                           Simon Harrison/James Harrison

Sound                                                                              Neil Bird

Set Design and Realisation                                      John Downes and helpers.

Stage Crew                                                                    Henry Herford/David Hankey/James/Daniel

Wardrobe Mistress                                                     Liz Downes/Sharon Woolford

Make Up                                                                         Janet Moran and helpers

Prompt                                                                           Elaine Austin

Front of House                                                             Lisa Ellett and helpers

Bar                                                                                   Michael Druce and helpers

Filming and DVD Production                                  Dominic

Treasurer                                                                      Simon Harrison

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