Tech Rehearsal Sunday

Kit for survival:


Thermos of tea or coffee



Book/Kindle/ithingy for entertainment

Bits of costume you forgot to bring in last week

Clean undies for the changing room

Present for the director.

It’s going to be awesome. The best one yet. Moving forests, indoor snow, candelabras that light on command, snowball fights, Beastly transformations, a wonderful cast, great comedy songs and beautifully sung serious songs and that dance.


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13 Sleeps

13 sleeps from the Thursday rehearsal to the first night.

Now is the time to panic and learn those lines, memorise the tricky bits in your song and make sure you have all your costume.

The production crew are flat out full time now, painting, making, erecting, fixing and designing. Not necessarily in that order. Tickets are selling, the stage already looks fabulous and it’s going to be stunning.

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Set Painting Parties

So far it seems Dec 9th is the best for people to come along to the village hall to help John with his splendid sets by doing a spot of colouring in. No talent required. Tea and cake provided. The more people who turn up for this the less time it will take. Please do attend, even if you can only give an hour. The hall will be open from 10.00 am to around 5.00 pm If we are at lunch just nip into the pub for the key.

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Our Current Panto

Our New Pantomime for 2012/13 is

Beauty and The Beast by Ben Crocker

Sue Harrison will be directing again with help from our Broadway and West End director Dion McHugh. Dee Rooney is once again at the keyboard as music director. It’s a winning team and one that hopes to win a prize in the Panto competition again this year!!

Ben Crocker writes superb modern pantos with all the traditional elements and his shows have been a great success at the Chipping Norton Theatre, among others.

We still need backstage helpers and help with the admin side of things. Contact Sue at

It’s not too late to join our splendid team and be part of something rather special.

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The Best Pantomime in Oxfordshire – It’s Official!

Yes it’s true. We won first prize in the Oxfordshire Drama Network Pantomime Competition for our  “Treasure Island, The Panto”  in February 2012

We were invited to attend the ODN AGM this April and perform “Shiver My Timbers” and were delighted to learn we had won first prize. Much champagne was quaffed in the Red Lion after the event and the shield was engraved by Adrian Shepherd and now resides on a shelf at the pub. We also have a fine certificate to hang in the village hall.

Well done everyone!

Dion wants to make it three wins in a row…

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Music Director

Dee Rooney has joined our merry band as pianist and music director.

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The New Crew

Here is the crew for 2011/12 (in no particular order)

Director – Sue Harrison
Producers – Sharon/ Andy Brunner-Ellis
Assistant Director – Dion McHugh
Sets/Scenery – John Downes and Jenny Metcalf.
Make up – Mary Ann Florey
Props – Paul Fowler
Sound  – Neil Bird
Lighting – Simon Harrison
Treasurer – John Downes
Box office /publicity – Kim Fowler
Poster competition – Lisa Ellet
Front of House – Lisa and her crew
Wardrobe – Liz Downes with Lisa, Andy and Sue
Programme – Naomi Owen

We still need a pianist/musical director so if anyone knows an arm that could get twisted let me know.

Apologies if I have missed any names. I am sure more people will want to be involved than attended the meeting and there are a lot of crew who turn up announced and just work their socks off, especially when it comes to painting the flats and erecting the stage.

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