Past Productions

The Panto for 2015 was Robin Hood

Written mostly by Mike Moran and Sue.

Directed by Sue Harrison with producer Anne Brunner Ellis

Our most ambitious to date, with especially fine dance routines thanks to Mike Moran and the girls in the chorus. Our first panto using playback for the musical numbers was a triumph. Superb singing, taken to the next level by Eleanor Tuck as Marion.

Mike took on his first role as dame with aplomb and a spellbinding opening number.

The adorably roguish chorus of merrie men was almost upstaged for a while by the witches who put a spell on us. James Florey camped it up to the max as Little John, newcomer young Adam Sweirgon was a future star and paired beautifully with Debbie’s Friar Tuck in very large fat suit.  Reg and Simon made a perfect pairing as comedy henchmen. Dion stole the show at the end with his regal King Richard in full royal chain mail and crown borrowed from the RSC. And his special light…

Special thanks to Eleanor who stepped triumphantly into the female lead  role with just a month to go and was word and pitch perfect. There was real chemistry with Caroline Wheatley’s dashing Robin. What a stirring speech he/she gave. She could have got the audience storming the castle.

Laurence Tuck as Alan A Dale was a very funny addition to our cast. With his enormous lute.

Superb lighting, as ever, with James Harrison at the helm this show.

Also the rector’s Ukulele band doing Everything I do..


Beauty and The Beast

Our 2013  panto was Beauty and The Beast, a magical glamorous feast for the eyes and for the ears too due to some of our best singing ever. Runners up this time but we still got a prize. The sets, lighting and props were stunning and the talking furniture were comedy gold.

The audience gasped when Eleanor Tuck appeared in her princess dress, crafted by the wonderful Lisa Ellett. Real love blossomed between our leads as the dashingly handsome Beast Jacob Bird won over his Beauty Eleanor. Real acting happened in the dramatic scenes thanks to a the marvellous script and Dion’s special coaching.

It also featured our first snow effect. It was beautiful.

Dion dressed up as a poodle as the comedy lead and Becky Bird was the sexiest witch ever seen. Special scene stealing mention for Tom Welch’s  Statue. The make up on this production was stunning.

Playing the outrageously funny dame with French accent and a wicked twinkle in his eye was Mr Villans, an impressive switch from his black-hearted pirate last year. His two pretty and talented daughters Jasmin and Savannah obviously get their talent from dad.


Director Sue Harrison

Dee Thomson on keyboard working miracles

Script by Ben Crocker


 Treasure Island

Our 2012 award winning pantomime was Treasure Island for which we won “Best Pantomime” in Oxfordshire from the Oxford Drama Network.

This one started with a thunderclap and lightening flash as Long John Silver brandished his sword and made a child in the back row cry. As rip roaring and timber-shivering a panto as ever graced the seven seas. Dion was fantastic in a role he could milk for every argghh and eye flash. Simon was an adorable dame with killer timing. Beth Dawson was the cutest Jim lad you ever did see. Special mention to Chris, whom I met outside the village hall one night looking every inch the pirate already and suggested he audition (he was waiting to get into the audition..)  and gave a fabulously dramatic death scene only to come back to life as the dashing pirate in pink. He also closed the show with his band of rascals giving us a terrific ‘i wanna be a rock star’

Nic Robinson as the Captain was a delight and got to have his first bit of stage love interest and a delicate duet with the stunning Miss Woolford.

This was a cast of thousands and it was a nightmare getting them all on and off stage. Thanks to Dion and lots of blocking it all worked on the night. Too many smashing vignettes to mention but Rowan Ellett as the parrot and Adam Blackwell’s skeleton dance were stand outs. Special mention to Will Mannering who took the role of Blind Pugh for the day Paul Fowler was still in the states. Took the role, shook it by the neck and snogged it..Unforgettable.

The boat scenery made the judges gasp. John got special mention in the awards for his sets. There were cannons and walking the plank and mass stage fights…No wonder we won that award.

Written by Richard Lloyd, with marvellously rich wordplay.  Sue Harrison adapted it with inspiration from Muppet Treasure Island.

Director Sue Harrison ably assisted by Broadway director Dion and Dee Thomson on keyboard.

Producer Andy Brunner-Ellis


 Panto At The OK Corral

Our 2011  production was “Panto at The OK Corral” With evil sheriff Nick Robinson being suspiciously good both as nasty piece of work and dragged up in a very pretty dress and bonnet. This was Simon Bustany’s début on stage and he was just a natural. The audience loved him. Jan Waterfield was gorgeous as saloon owner Lil in a series of fabulous costumes. Phil Birkett tried his range as the Dame and was terrifically funny and at times touching. A proper actor..Daughter Emma was a great audience Buttons character and Ron and a superb double act. Lightning the horse was the kid’s favourite. The children’s chorus was adorable. Just a bit startling when one show they got hold of the make up and decided to do their eyes….The barn burning/line dance ending to act 1 was my favourite.

Trish stole the show by falling off the stage steps and had to vie for sympathy for the rest of the run with who had her leg in a full cast for the whole show. Perhaps that gold mine was cursed..

Written by Jim Sperinck and Sue Harrison and cast

Music was Pat Burden on keyboard, who agreed to be poached from Stanton Harcourt Panto.

Producer Jan Waterfield

Director Sue Harrison


Previous years – Northmoor Players would like more information on these if anyone has programmes/photos

Babes in The Wood



Jack and The Beanstalk

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