Who’s Got It?

Many wonderful people house our props and sets etc and since the “management” changes a bit from year to year here is a list of where things are kept as of Feb 2015 for the benefit of the next crew.

Flats and stage and carpet with steps and flooring.

James and Robert Florey’s grain barn

Stage bolts and ‘biscuits’and random bits of wood

Simon Harrisons garage.

Make Up Box

Janet Moran

Costumes/Clothes Rails

Liz and Michael Druce, top floor attic,  Ferryman’s Farm. They have one large and one small rail.  Another large rail and  small rail – Sue Harrison’s garage


Large Props(Axe, pick and shovel) with the flats. Small props Sue Harrison’s loft

Public Notices, laminates etc

Sue Harrison, Chinese Cabinet, sitting room…

Computer files/policies etc/templates and Mailing lists

Sue Harrison’s Computer


Sue Harrison’s Loft

PA Equipment/Gaffer Tape…

Simon Harrison can access these, Hollyhock Cottage


From Henley Theatre Services, Henley